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Crypto Collection Tier 1

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Buy an NFT, promote Mary Jane SmokeWear and earn $$ once we hit our sales goal. Earnings are distributed based on how quickly Mary Jane SmokeWear hits the sales goal.

Each NFT purchased comes with a ton of LIMITED EDITION physical merchandise & more


TIER 1 Merch

Only 420 Available!

  • 1 x MJSW Crypto Collection Series A 1 oz. silver coin
  • Your choice of either a male t-shirt or female tank top
  • Stoney Turtle Dope Sack tote bag
  • Stoney Turtle lanyard + hat pin
  • 10 x Hemp Stoney Turtle crutch cards
  • Stoney Turtle daytime trading card
  • Stoney Turtle temporary tattoo
  • Stoney Turtle daytime NFT short video
Stoney Turtle daytime trading card, temporary tattoo and NFT video are all individually numbered for ultimate collectability!

TIER 1 Perks

  • Ability to enter Dope Squad section of the site and gain access to exclusive contests & giveaways, limited edition crop drops and Dope Squad content.
  • Early access to new drops including the latest NFT’s
  • Dope Squad Discount Code (DSDC) 10% Off MJSW Ecommerce
  • NFT holder whose DSDC is used to make the most sales during the life of Series A earns an additional $500K
  • All Perks are valid for life of Series A
  • Ability to earn between $6,500 - $500 promoting MJSW

Join our Discord HERE to tap in with the Dope Squad and learn more about the MJSW Crypto Collection and how to get your piece of the $6 Million Dollar Plan.